Du bist ein weinachtsbaum!

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Ich bin ein weinactbaum mit hassmasse. Im learning german in a strange way.

A man from the street saw me through the window came in and said I look like a christmastree, hrmpf!

  • Mika changed so the two or one playheads was shown correkt in Organelles display.  
  • Mag played alot and found out that the two buttons would be best on the left glove.  We where also talkin about that they could also be a footswich to USB for disable and patch mode. Maybe in the future.
  • Organelle has two USB port one is free. we looked up sheep different fotswitches on Thoman
  • the button for changing patch stoped working and Mika changed the two buttons to smaller and more clicking buttons. They worked much better. 

Mika also try to make a botton for resetting the sensors so It will be easer to reset calibration.. 
Maybe something to work on last day.

  • To start the sequence with the hand needs to be practise alot and come slightly before the 1 (På upptakten till ettan)
  • Mika shanged the cutoff to 50 % for the left glove to make it less sensitive. We will check again that it works as we want. 



Last day Mika fix the rest on the gloves, attatch cables etc. 

  • ledlight was wrong when starting the day. Mika fixed.
  • Resetting sensor is same button as disable sensor.  first you need to reset sensor one push then hold down button longer than 1 sec and then release. led is blinking when sensor is resetting. Then the sensors will be calibrated.
  • Left Fist is now also turning on and off and on Dj Patch. the changing between the two playheads are now between indexfinger and thumb.c
  • I (Mag) worked on putting together different secuencer groups. She made 4 different sequeser groups. That will be used in 4 diffenent songs. (nr 1 is working together with the drum.) Some embryos that will be born when I can work with them in a proper rehearsal place with the rest of my set up.
  • We manage to finish most of the wishes I had on my wishlist for this week. So we are very happy but also tired after some quite intense days.