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The last day. We woke up, cleaned up the house and packed our gears to the car. I got attached to the location in this short time. I will miss the outside toilette and gray field and mossy woods.

We say bye to the house and drive off to Göteborg, where we board the ferry to Germany.

Now we say bye to Mag at the ferry terminal. It went so quick. A bit of nostalgia. From the deck, I look back to Göteborg city light. I can not believe it was only 3 weeks ago that I came here.

The residency turned out very different from what we originally planned, to visit Ljubljana and stay in the center of the city. Perhaps we would have had a lot of exchange with the local musicians and artists, perhaps more city flare in our field recordings… but I am happy with how it came out so far, and also looking forward for the future chance to visit Ljubljana, hopefully to showcase the outcomes.

We would like to thank Tina Malina and Uros Veber from Project Atol for their support and making it possible for us to work in residency in this difficult time. Hvala!