MAG showing some of the changes in Magtronics

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Mika fixed the ledslights so 
Blue is Dj style mode 
Blue blinking is Two playheads
Pink Analog mode.
Pink blinking ?
White is off the sensor is off. White on sensor on.
Two fingers pointing up is puttin on/off Autoplay. white leds blinking on right hand when autoplay is on. when autoplay is off the white led is on but not blinking.

Mag figured out that Analog style doesn’t sync the tempo just the length of the loop. 

Question is if  the bpm could be set before in some way of the device without syncing to the loop station?

Answer it seems that you can not set the Bpm or even see the bpm in The Organelle if you dont have the Midi/Jack cable connekted then it comes up in the display. 


Mika made the syncing better. By making it start more in sync. In the libery of Organelle there is a metronome. There  she added ”reset” to nr 23 when ever midi start. And now it starts at once when I start the loop station.

Mag made some new sequencer on 12 and had the loop patch 28.  bpm: 60
To work with sequencer in the right order.


Lot of things happened. 

Mags wish of a button that could change to the different  sequence nr where solved. Now she can chose with the same pedal as the one that record in pd patch. Its made so the pedal change  3 sequences in a group one after each other and then start from begining of the group.  This was a big breakthrough for Mag. 

It took some time to fix the changing of the sequencer. there was a glitch 

Mika worked on the buttons and now there also a disable button where made. It worked well

Mag Played and changed the patch many times  to try out and find any misstakes or glitches. 

we had a pizza party with the rest of studiopeople outside. Very NIce!