Magtronics in Berlin

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The New Magtronics gloves that Mika made in Berlin + Mags set ut brought from Sweden


Catch up from where we were last time we saw each other. Mika has made two new gloves and a collar.
we have set up my stuff in the studio but only way of listening in headphones.
Mika also made it possible to calibrate the gloves directly from the phone

She needs to change some things in the programming and the Bela controller in Organelle to make it work as before.

I need time to remember what I did in Svelovenia.

We had a problem with the sequencer not triggering the right tune When we used the costume.  Especially sequencer nr 3. Mika seemed to have solved the problem during the day.

We also tried out how to find out the best moves to trigger different things without accidentally 

Things we want to control with Magtronics:

DJ Patch/ analog combined

Wrists:  will control two nobs 3 and 4 resonance and cutoff Fist: control changing tone in Analog style in sequencer

1) normal position: strait hands

2)Left fist

3)Right fist: changing tune and field recordings

Left wrist: cutoff ( knob 4) Does not need machine training

Right wrist: resonance (knob 3) Does not need machine training

– change between the patches

– changes the sound in Dj patch

– change for one and two playheads in DJ patch

Button: turning off the sensors

Volume pedal on Organelle

Switch off button for recording in Dj analog style


The analog style sound goes up an octave everytime I use the glove instead och the organelle.

BUGG! When the sequencer is running by it self the two nobs are working on both patches. – solved!


Starting with learning from Mika where to find the Organelles Ip adress . Which is

But it can change if you are connecting to another router. 

So this is how you do.

Connect to Organelles wi-fi on your computer by start AP on the Organelle – under ”settings/ wifi setup

Then Organelle comes up where you find the different wifis. 

– Go to Nätverksinställningar (längs ner på samma ställe.) There you first sese the computers IP adress:

– press ”Avancerat”  and chose TCP/IP and there you find Router which is the organelles IP adress.

Another way of finding IP adress on the Organelle Is to Go to ”Settings” and then ”Info”

Changing sound in ORGANELLE:

Copy the Organelles IP adress to the webbrowser and get access to the Patch manager.

Make sure that Start Web server is on in Organelle the.

Now the left fist is changing for one or two payheads in DJ patch and latch off/autoplay off in Analog style.

-Changing between patches was put into a button. But the same as we used for disable the sensors. 

For now there is  not any botton for that in the costume but Mika has that in the computer.

– Left fist is changing from one to two playheads but it is not shown if its one or two in the display on the Organelle with is a bit confusing.

-Left fist also turn on or of the Latch in analog style. + the autoplayed sequencer.

And Mika also made it go smother between changing the two modes so sounds more blend in than cut off 

And Mika also made it go smother between changing the two modes so sounds more blend in than cut off 

We also find out When we put on the speakers that there is an annoying sound coming when you change the sound in dj patch. Mika willl try to change it so it start with 0 volume and fade upp. 

Hope it works.

What s also been done today is to make a funktion that will turn on and off autoplay in the sequencer
The funktion is fist but with one pointing finger up.