Day 14

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We are back in working mode now. During our “holiday”, I manage to combine two patches into one with a help of Ingo. Some of the Organelle patches are quite complicated inside and simply placing two in one patch does not work. I made one main.pd patch that contain two of these patches as abstraction patches, then divert all the knobs, keyboard and sensor interactions with “spigot” object (it works like switching gate). Then I dedicate one of the key (midi83) and knee sensor as switching button between the two patch controls. I struggled a bit on switching the OLED display on the Organelle. One needs to clear every time switching the patches, and push out the last display state. DJ patch shows waveform of the soundfile which uses different function to draw on OLED than text display of the Analog Style. Ingo figured out how these two types of display functions work and we manage to get it going.

Mag tried it out, and we are super happy. Although it needs some adjustment and improvement, it is going in the direction of what we want. Also, it feels like this can be an instrument that can be used in the Mag performance.

Then Mag noticed Organelle’s sequencer sound changes when she plays as sequence, or plays note one by one from the sequence list. We could not figure out what is causing it. Strange!

Today, my task is to make an additional LED display on Mag’s hands so she can see which control state she is in. When I made the collar, I added 4 LEDs on it to be a display… but she can not see it herself while playing. With two patches combined and switching the control back and forth, she really needs to have a sense of which patch she is controlling and which mode she is in.

The details of how to make fabric LED display is here >>

Added extra snaps on the collar side, connect the paracord cable to this small extra LED display. Now it is ready to be used. It is late night now, and we stop working for the day.