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I plan to make a mirror which can change the image to bigger or smaller , if  your body leans towards  to it  or leans away. here’s some inspiration     I will use distance sensor , pvc mirror soft material , syringes piston and servo motor     here’s how concave mirror and convex […]

heating pad- material experiment


When current go through, some conductive materials will also turn warm or even hot, so I tried different kinds of materials and look for a best which can make a heating pad. The red paper will turn white when it feels hot. 1.conductive thread knitting mit common thread. resistance :  about 11 Ω when voltage is […]

Push Button

This is a push button. The following is the data-sheet.   After the four black point was cutted, metal panel and the button cylinder were apart and there’s a round panel inside. When push the round panel, it links the metal part in the mittel and the two side metal parts. That’s how does it […]