Kinetic Space: Conclusion


Hello everyone! After working in this project for a month, I must say that my expectations where very high and communication between Processing and Arduino is much more complex than I thought! But I can not complain about the process and all that I learned, and the outcome was actually very nice. My intention with […]

Cycle Pole: Conclusion

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-25 um 18.07.39

Hey everyone, here is a final update on the outcome of my project. I designed the concept Cycle last summer. One year later, I now got back to the project to ‘make it work’.  My goal was to create a fully functioning prototype, to be able to do real life user testing in an exemplary […]

Thermochromic Ink Tutorial


I decided to silk screen print Thermochromic Ink of fabric. Here’s how I worked with the material! Thermochromic paints that were available: ( Chromicolor® AQ Ink Type 10 Magenta colour change occurs between 8-16C. Chromicolor® AQ Ink Type 27 Magenta colour change occurs between 24-33C. Chromicolor® AQ Ink Type 15 Fast Blue Colour change occurs […]

Final Project: 9th update


For my new prototype, I designed internals, that slide into the tube and hold the electronics in place. I made them in the workshop from MDF. Although my new prototype also serves as a visual model, these internals are not primarily designed to exactly fit the prototypes electronics and do not necessarily represent the internals […]

Final Project: 8th Update


Testing My Quik’N’Dirty prototype is finished. I boiled down the core functions to one prototype with adjustable heights and widths for testing. I applied my electronic setup. Here are some first impressions from setting it up in the workshop: This morning I took the prototype to my exemplary case scenario S Prenzlauer Allee. Here are […]

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