Final Project: 7th Update


As it turned out re – exchanging those buttons for PIRs was a lot more complicated then expexted. When I simply plugged in the sensors, they didn’t work properly. After a lot of testing I figured, that at least two of the eLab’s three PIRs appeared to be broken. I ordered new ones from Tinkersoup, […]

Knit Pressure Sensor

To recreate a sensor using textiles, I recreated a knit pressure sensor. I knitted a little rectangle, connected it with crocodile clips to the breadboard and using Arduino and an LED created a presure sensor. knit pressuresensor from Jessica Snidersich on Vimeo. You can find out more information from How To Get What You Want.

Textile Zipper Switch


In week 4 of the course we had a look at textile sensors. For challenge  3, to develop your own prototype for a sensor - I recreated a zipper switch sensor using fabric, a zipper, 4 LEDs and conductive thread. The first thing I did was decide where the 4 circuits would be on the  zipper. I […]

Final Project: 5th Update

Just a quick update: I managed to implement the millis() function correctly into my  code. Before the sound was only triggered, when both pedestrian and cyclist are detected simultaniously. Now it also triggers, when a bike is detected and a pedestrian has been detected recently (within the last four seconds). So I’ve got the main […]

Tutorial: Serial Communication

IMG_4829 Neu

These are notes I took for myself, that helped me understand and remember how to implement Serial communication in my code. Serial communication can be very important for troubleshooting, to see what bits of the code are working properly and which aren’t. It can also necessary for extra functions like for example communication data to […]

Tutorial: Voltage Devider

IMG_4825 Neu

Better late than never: These are notes I took for myself, that helped me understand how a voltage devider works. I think it’s quite an important thing to know, because components like potis are based on it and a lot of other components need to be combined with a second resistor to work as a […]