Paper Electronics

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Paper electronics is a very nice way to quickly prototype, as well as to create a unique electronics objects. You can use conductive materials such as copper tape, conductive pen, graphite, carbon paint, silver and copper paint, even metal paper clips. Here are some tips for copper tape circuit making.


When you want to turn the copper tape line, you can simply fold it without cutting them (like the image on the left) or you can add two pieces by sticking on top of the other. In this case, add a bit of solder to make sure your electrical connection is secure.


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You can make a simple coin cell battery (3V) holder by folding the corner of the paper and placing a paper clip.

and there are many more ideas for battery holders

detailed tutorial on this one is here>>

I think this was also from the high low tech lab at MIT, but the linked website is not accessible.

Simple push button can be made with an extra paper that pushes up the copper tape connection. Place a folded paper underneath the crossing point of the copper tape, and double fold top side of the copper tape.


When adding electrical components like LED, you can simply solder its legs or pins directly on the copper tape. You can use the same technique for SMD components or wires.

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