Kinetic space



As a final project I would like to work with Processing and a sound and frequency analyzer and then send the information to Arduino so that it can physically react with the space.

The idea is that it will be a piece that can react to any kind of music, and by doing so playing with the randomness of its reaction.

I would like to translate sound and the qualities of sound in to a spatial dimension. By playing with light and movement as reactors, create some sort of object or space that is altered by the sound of the music. In this way I can learn a lot about sound frequencies, also about coding Arduino in various cases, but also I will learn how to create a real tridimensional object that functions with motors and light.

The challenge mainly is in adapting an existing code in Processing that reads sound frequencies, but mostly in creating a Code in Arduino that generates an interesting action in the physical space.

I would like to use motors and light. Motors would work in a system that would move different surfaces, and they themselves would interact with a light source creating spaces as well as playing with shadows.

I am still not so clear on how it will actually look, or what kind of materials I can use to generate this space alterations. I would try to stay abstract and maybe geometrical, and play more with light and shadow than color. It could be a small object that projects its light and lines to the walls of the space, or it could also be something that wraps the space somehow, thus transforming it with its movements.

I still must research, as well, what kind of lecture I will have of the music. What should be analyzed in it so that the reaction is interesting. It could be rhythm, pitch, notes, intensity, saturation,  etc.

Here are a few ideas that could be related:



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