DIY Magnetic Motor



The original idea is to build a motor with soft linear material at sides which could be held and turning in hand .


To build a motor you need to roll the surface-isolated wire into spiral, and its important to make sure that you make the spiral as a continual circle which means you have to keep the begin and the end of the wire and conduc them with the battery.


And also you need a magnet which to excite the motion of your DIY motor. Here I used a 9V battery.



I attempted to make a motor with soft linear material which you can make the motor turn in hand. So I tried with different kind of conductive threads that make sure to use the solderable one.

Additionally here you would have the problem to solder the surface-isolated wire with conductive material :

First we need to scratch part of the surface of the isolated wire, so after that I soldered the isolated wire on the copper tape and paste it on the stick. Next,  wind the conductive thread all over around the isolated wire and copper tape and then solder them together.



Lets see how it works.

DIY Maganetic Motor from Anddy C on Vimeo.


There are still couple problems I haven’t figured out. The motor I have done now still couldn’t turn very well, somehow it could be the problem of the structure design or the number of laps of the spiral is not enough…..   So the next step would be redesign the whole construction.


The copper thread seems like not strong enough.. after turning for a while it broke. So which tells us there are also some problems of soldering and material…   Ooops !


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