How to Use eLab Equipment

There are many equipments, materials and tools in eLab, which you can use for course projects and prototyping.

Here are the rules.

Equipments marked as “R” (Register)
You can borrow them, but you need to notify the eLab tutor that you are borrowing them. The email address of the tutor is Michael Pogorzhelskiy: pog.michael[at]

Equipments without any marks
You can borrow them to test on your prototype phase, but if you decide to use them for your actual project, please buy the same one yourself, or buy new one and replace it.

Small components
Small components, like LEDs and resistors can be used without returning or replacing them. If you are returning them after using it, make sure that it is not broken, and place it back to the exact same shelf (especially with the resisters)

Fixed equipments
Fixed equipments such as soldering stations and Lab power supplies are only to be used in the eLab space. You can not borrow it to the outside of the eLab space.

You can find out what equipments are there at eLab on this form.