Kinetic Space: Conclusion


Hello everyone! After working in this project for a month, I must say that my expectations where very high and communication between Processing and Arduino is much more complex than I thought! But I can not complain about the process and all that I learned, and the outcome was actually very nice. My intention with […]

Cycle Pole: Conclusion

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-25 um 18.07.39

Hey everyone, here is a final update on the outcome of my project. I designed the concept Cycle last summer. One year later, I now got back to the project to ‘make it work’.  My goal was to create a fully functioning prototype, to be able to do real life user testing in an exemplary […]

Final Project: 9th update


For my new prototype, I designed internals, that slide into the tube and hold the electronics in place. I made them in the workshop from MDF. Although my new prototype also serves as a visual model, these internals are not primarily designed to exactly fit the prototypes electronics and do not necessarily represent the internals […]

Final Project: 7th Update


As it turned out re – exchanging those buttons for PIRs was a lot more complicated then expexted. When I simply plugged in the sensors, they didn’t work properly. After a lot of testing I figured, that at least two of the eLab’s three PIRs appeared to be broken. I ordered new ones from Tinkersoup, […]

Knit Pressure Sensor

To recreate a sensor using textiles, I recreated a knit pressure sensor. I knitted a little rectangle, connected it with crocodile clips to the breadboard and using Arduino and an LED created a presure sensor. knit pressuresensor from Jessica Snidersich on Vimeo. You can find out more information from How To Get What You Want.