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Kinetic Space: Conclusion


Hello everyone! After working in this project for a month, I must say that my expectations where very high and communication between Processing and Arduino is much more complex than I thought! But I can not complain about the process and all that I learned, and the outcome was actually very nice. My intention with […]

Kinetic space


  As a final project I would like to work with Processing and a sound and frequency analyzer and then send the information to Arduino so that it can physically react with the space. The idea is that it will be a piece that can react to any kind of music, and by doing so […]

Interactive woven lights


For our textile embedded electronics week I decided to do a simple experiment with fiber optics. I really liked the quality and texture of the light it emits when the sides of the fiber are scratched. More than a conceptual project, it was an experiment to try in one object a lot of possibilities of […]