Week1 April 22,23

Introduction to Electronics
– Bike light hack and paper electronics

Week2 April 28,29,30
Introduction to Arduino programming
-blink LED
-fade LED
-vibration motor
-TONE and buzzer
-push button
-programming behaviors

Week3 May 5, 6, 7
Introduction to Sensor and Actuator
More programming, How to read sensor inputs

    -analog sensor
    -digital sensor

How to connect sensors with Microcontrollers
How to control servo motor
How to use transistor switch

    - SMA
    – DC motor (H bridge)

Week4 May 12,13,14
Making custom sensor with paper and textile
– conductive fabric
– conductive thread
– conductive yarn
– conductive wool

Paper Electronics
– copper tape
– bare conductive ink

Week5 May 19,20,21
Kit of no parts workshop
by Hannah Perner-Wilson

Week6 May 26, 27, 28
experimenting with eTextile techniques
weaving materials
– embedding material such as conductive thread, fiber optic, EL wire
Embroidery machine intro
Felting intro

Week7 June 2,3,4
How to connect physical object with computers
Firmata + Processing
A bit of processing programming
Developing a small project

Week8 June 9, 10, 11
Circuit design and PCB making
How to use Frizing software to design cirucit
Milling circuit with CNC machine
Laser cutting fabric circuit

Week9 June 16
Presentation: Personal project plan

Individual Tutorial and Project Development

Week13 July 16 (Wed) 13:00-
Final Presentation: Personal Project Outcome