Breathing Light- Process #02


SMA Test The SMA I use : Flexinol Wire 0.010″ LT / data sheet The main point of the test have been aim at the whole configuration of my lighting unit design: – the balanced movement of four corners – control the tilt angle and distance between the surface panel and the mechanism base – regulate the […]

Breathing Light – Process #01


Form test and paper prototype I have been trying on several foldable and bendy structure. These are some paper prototype to test different 3d forms. [[MORE]]I tried to make some flexible structure by the idea of origami and to think how to embed the SMA into these structure. So first idea is to try out […]

Final project- Breathing Light


Breathing Light – Modular Lighting Unit Motivation Thinking about the responsive surface of the object and its function, base on my own perspective I think the function should work more directly connected with the surface materials. Recall the concept of “Kit of the no parts” that point out why all Consumer Electronics should be covered with a […]

Luminous Textile- soft lamp


Light could be flexible and haptic.  Integrate electronic into soft materials to bring a new configuration of the object and new perception for users.   This week we used the table loom to weave and try to embed lighting unit into the textile in a simple way. I took a EL-wire and woven it with thread […]

Tilt Switch


Tilt Switch actually just work as a simple switch to make open and closed circuit. Open a tilt switch, we can see there are to conductive balls inside a copper tube. There are two pins with this switch, one connected to the outer copper tube, and another one go into the tube and which would […]

DIY Magnetic Motor


  The original idea is to build a motor with soft linear material at sides which could be held and turning in hand . To build a motor you need to roll the surface-isolated wire into spiral, and its important to make sure that you make the spiral as a continual circle which means you […]

Flex Sensor


What is Flex sensor? Flex sensor, resistive sensor also works as the potentiometer. It is a flexible strip that changes its resistance when bent. The bigger curvature creates the bigger resistance.

Anddy Chen


Hello, my name is Chi-Chun Chen, but people here call me Anddy.      I come from Taiwan, finished my BA / Industrial design in 2011, and I began my winter semester of exchange at KHB in  2012. Just  finished my 6-months internship and currently in my 1st semester of Master in Product Design. Nice to meet you […]