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Segor (Electronics shop in Berlin) Reichelt (internet electronics shop) Tinker Soup (Berlin based sparkfun reseller, Arduino) Watterott (another Germany based sparkfun and adaFruit reseller, Arduino) Sparkfun (US based DIY electronics shop, Arduino) AdaFruit (US based DIY electronics shop)

ATTINY programming

You can go to to get the detail instruction. another tutorial>> There are many kinds of ATTINY, but today, we use ATTINY45 or 85 You can also get a USB programmer for ATTINY45/85

Bike Light projects

Sporty Supaheroe by Fraunhofer Institute, Wolfgang Langeder turn signal biking jacket by Leah Buechley Vega Wearable Light by Angella Mackey How to Make a Bike Light Glove by Jacqui 87 zackees

Week8: Making your won circuit


This week, we make our own PCB design. Lucas Bahle will be showing you how to design PCB on fritzing software and convert it to the file so that CNC milling machine can read it, and we will mill our first PCB! Please download fritzing software from PCB is a short name for Printed […]

week7: Arduino and computer


This week’s topic is “How to connect physical object with computers” download processing >> ( install 1.5.1 (15 May 2011) version and not the latest one) PureData >> MaxMSP >> github example code for the course >> example1: Examples >> Communication >> Graph If you look at the Arduino sketch, it […]

Thermochromic ink projects

Dynamic Double Weave by Maggie Orth Recurring Patterns by Smart Textile Design Lab, Swedish School of Textiles Liquid Crystal works by Sara Robertson Thermochromic Tutu by Lynsey Calder Symbiosis by Kärt Ojavee

Week6: Textile embedded electronics


This week’s theme: This week, we look into weaving technique as an example method to integrate electronics into materials. You can embed: – conductive thread to embed LED or other types of connections – conductive thread for heating element – EL wire – resistive thread/ yarn to make sensors You can also try knitting, paper […]

embedded lights in textile

Functional Styling by Linda Worbin A carpet woven with EL wires. It is equipped with sensors enabling the users to interact with the carpet with various light behaviors. IKAT by Astrid Krogh A light tapestry of paper yarn with organic patterns created in optical fibres. Trendease by Sarah Taylor Jacket Antics by Barbara […]

Make your own MakeyMakey

“Makey Makey is a nice and fun Open Hardware project, developed by Mit researchers Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum. It’s an Arduino based project that could get started through crowdfunding. Basically you can turn any conductive surface into a sensor: bananas and other fruit/vegetables, cutlery, water, metal tools, conductive dough, human skin…When you connect to […]