Main Project

Bender is an interactive bike light, that helps keeping you safe at night. The product is worn on the upper sleeve. It combines the functions of a back light and a turning signal.

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Bender is a snap bracelet. It’s light and easy to apply. The light is emitted byred and yellow Electroluminiscent (EL-) surfaces. They are connected to a flexi PCB. When snapped onto your arm, a bend sensor recognises the flexing and turns on the EL. In this default mode the main red bit is glowing. When the cyclists lifts her arm, a gyro sensor reacts by turning on a yellow blink. Thus ther is no active input required from the user. Bender CyclistBender Exploded

Bender Use thinAusblick/ sections to work on:

Inputs: Gyro, Flex …+button? +poti?

Outputs: Glow, blink …+dhine? +fade?

Appearance: Snap On …/clip? /sticker? /integrated textile?

Position: Upper arm …/glove? /leg? /helmet? /bikeframe?

Functions: Indicate …+warn? +navigate? +lock? +connect?

Production: ..


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