Breathing Light – Process #01


Form test and paper prototype

I have been trying on several foldable and bendy structure. These are some paper prototype to test different 3d forms. [[MORE]]I tried to make some flexible structure by the idea of origami and to think how to embed the SMA into these structure. So first idea is to try out some flexible box construction which consider about how to regulate the direction of the light.



- it’s difficult to direct the light source only by changing the form

- single light resource and the position seems blur the concept about light leaking 

- the folding structure will make the SMA difficult to move (too tight)

- how the amount of the movement influences the brightness and the effect of visual performance for the presentation

Design principles for light control:

- external cover for light and inside mechanism

- soft light weight material and smoothy joint provide better condition to active the SMA

- control light leak by material : cut a gap on closed surface, translucent material at the side, four leds for each corner + one led at the central + controlled by program…

- build a black box for the presentation to show better lighting effect 


Polyhedron Form


After testing the lighting effect, I tried to think about different possibilities of the movable surfaces. I make some polyhedron cylinders with different proportion. By cutting specific gaps on the certain surfaces that helps me to enhance the flexibility and create movable structure.




- the structure would be too complicated to active the SMA / motion of stretch and squeeze which definitely need to train the SMA which I don’t think I have enough time to reach the perfect parameter which I need

- the motion couldn’t fit the function of regulating the light direction

- too functionally and visually complicated…



The polygon texture on the surface create the fascinating visual effect, which  brings more perception of dynamic surface. Also the texture create the shadow so visually enhance the movement of the SMA itself.


Design Principles:

- keep the structure and motion as simple as possible that would be better for applying the SMA into the object

- use polygon 3d texture on the moving surface

- to regulate the light direction, keep the base structure developing in the square box which could be fixed on the wall rather than grow the object into cylinder way….. 


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