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Thermochromic Ink Tutorial


I decided to silk screen print Thermochromic Ink of fabric. Here’s how I worked with the material! Thermochromic paints that were available: ( Chromicolor® AQ Ink Type 10 Magenta colour change occurs between 8-16C. Chromicolor® AQ Ink Type 27 Magenta colour change occurs between 24-33C. Chromicolor® AQ Ink Type 15 Fast Blue Colour change occurs […]

Knit Pressure Sensor

To recreate a sensor using textiles, I recreated a knit pressure sensor. I knitted a little rectangle, connected it with crocodile clips to the breadboard and using Arduino and an LED created a presure sensor. knit pressuresensor from Jessica Snidersich on Vimeo. You can find out more information from How To Get What You Want.

Textile Zipper Switch


In week 4 of the course we had a look at textile sensors. For challenge  3, to develop your own prototype for a sensor - I recreated a zipper switch sensor using fabric, a zipper, 4 LEDs and conductive thread. The first thing I did was decide where the 4 circuits would be on the  zipper. I […]

Final Project – Pattern Maker


16. June 2014 For my final project I’d like to make an interactive pattern maker. I’ve always been really interested in and inspired by handcraft and the time, skill and tradition it represents. Although I’m fully intrigued and in awe of this time intensive and skillful work, I also think that it is rooted in […]