Parallel circuit

A parallel circuit is formed when two or more components are connected so current can flow through one component without having first to flow through another.

parallel circuit

in other words..



imagine that electricity is a big river. In a parallel circuit the river is divided equally. Each house is provided with the same amount of energy. So all the housekeepers could cook a meal at the same time.


In this Illustration….

The power with which the water is running through the houses called electrical potential U , which is indicated in Volt [ V ].

The amount of water with which the houses are provided called  current I and it is indicated in ampere [ A ].

The houses through which the water has to pass called electric resistance R, which is indicated in Ohm [ Ω ].

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parallelCex1parallelCex1 KopieparallelCex1closed


parallelCclosed parallelCclosed2


parallelcircuitBatteryThe minus poles of the batteries are connected to each other, and the plus poles of the batteries are connected as well. The two batteries then are attached to the circuit.

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