Week5: Kit of No Parts workshop

May 19th-21st, 10:00-17:00 eLab

The workshop page >> http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=5144

You can download the first day’s slide from here >>

This “workshop” is a guest lecture by Hannah Perner-Wilson plus hands-on exercise in re-imagining techniques for making electronics to be more integrated in material and craft processes.

Recipes for Materially Diverse, Functionally Transparent and Expressive Electronics A Kit-of-No-Parts demonstrates a new approach to building electronics that emphasizes the expressive qualities of diverse materials as well as the skill and creativity of the builder. It builds on the belief that a more insightful and skilled process is also capable of producing more intelligible and personal results. Conventionally electronics that are built from a kit‐of‐parts have been optimized for speed, efficiency and repeatability of assembly. While this approach demonstrates the power of modular systems that have made many of the technologies we rely on possible, it also constrains us to particular styles of building, influencing what we build as well as impacting how we come to think about electronics.

>> download thesis
>> Website (unfortunately it is down)

Conductive Materials
- Copper tape
- conductive fabrics
- conductive threads
- Conductive yarns
- velostat
- Eeontex fabrics
- Carbon paint
- Iron filings
- Graphite pencils
- Copper metal
- …

- Various papers
- Various tapes
- Various glues
- Wood
- Plexi
- Fabrics
- Threads, strings
- Thermochromic paint/pigment
- Copper sulphate
- …

- Scissors
- Cutter knives
- Pliers
- Screwdrivers
- Iron
- Soldering iron
- Lasercutter
- 3D printer
- USB microscope
- Photo cameras, video
- Voltage rectifier
- …

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