DISCLAIMER: This is a draft, the final project may (significantly) differ from this post.

For the final Project of the 101 course, I would like to work with the very basic concept of making lights blink and fade, and to use self made touch and/or pressure sensors. 

When the switches are pressed, the lights will slowly fade in like a loading bar. When the top is reached, the lights will go out in a flash, otherwise they will fade away.

The idea is to built  a frame containing 18 “rustica” lightbulbs, nine on each side, that slowly fade in and out when simultaneously pressing two switches.


This are the lightbulbs. There will be 9 on each side facing each other. When lighting up, two facing bulbs will light up simultaneously. This is what the light bulb looks like when lit.



For this project the use of relays will be necessary to translate from Arduino into lightbulb. Also the use of digital dimmer will probably be needed.

Here two sketches of how this is supposed to look like when finished:



While realizing this project I probably will be confronted with A LOT of unexpected problems, so….. let’s see what happens!

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