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To control the servomotor we need the PWM pins from the Arduino. The initial idea was to have 9 pairs of lightbulbs. Given the amount of pins available on the Arduino (only 6 PWM pins) I decided to have 6 times three lightbulbs. Which by the way would be 6 – 6 – 6 lightbulbs. This […]

Finding Solutions


So to build this object we need to understand the basic problem. We have two different currents, the Arduino with 5V and the lightbulbs with 230V. We want to control the 230V with 5V, i.e. to dimm a 230V lightbulb with the 5V of the Arduino. So we need to translate the different currents, or at […]



DISCLAIMER: This is a draft, the final project may (significantly) differ from this post. For the final Project of the 101 course, I would like to work with the very basic concept of making lights blink and fade, and to use self made touch and/or pressure sensors.  When the switches are pressed, the lights will slowly […]


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PIR stands for Passive Infrared This sensor detects motion by measuring changes of heat in its surroundings.  It is easy to connect if you follow carefully this few steps. For this Tutorial you will need: 1 Arduino Board 1 PIR Sensor 1 10kΩ Resistor Cables This is what the sensor looks like. When hooking up the […]