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To control the servomotor we need the PWM pins from the Arduino. The initial idea was to have 9 pairs of lightbulbs. Given the amount of pins available on the Arduino (only 6 PWM pins) I decided to have 6 times three lightbulbs. Which by the way would be 6 – 6 – 6 lightbulbs. This cannot be a coincidence.

What do we need?

  • 18 lightbulbs
  • 18 bulb sockets
  • POWER ♥ CONTROL potentiometers
  • 6 360° servomotors
  • 1 Arduino uno
  • wood for the socket
  • cables and other minor electronic parts

For the lightbulbs I’m using antique looking so called rustica lightbulbs with a glowing inner wire. Looks fantastic when dimmed and gives a very warm and embracing light. bvlv_lit

For the sockets I’m using sockets made of porcelain. They look very rough and have a great texture. The only problem is they are somewhat fragile.

Defekte Fassungen

But anyways, very beautiful.


This is how they will be arranged. Three in a row, and six rows long. This is how the socket looks like with the bulbs in it.Foto


The main thing to do is to write the code for the servos. As I haven’t come up with a trigger solution on how to operate this object yet, I’m still struggling with the code. This is a problem because the longer it takes to write the code, the longer it will take to create the PCB. So let’s see what happens.


-updates soon-

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