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Drawing application


For connection I used 3 potentiometers pinned to A0, A1 and A2.       And the processing code: // This example code is in the public domain. import processing.serial.*; float redValue = 0; // red value float greenValue = 0; // green value float blueValue = 0; // blue value float xPos=0; float yPos=0; […]



The speaker in general can consists from the following parts: – a coil (thread,wire …) – a neodymium magnet – a vibrant material (plastic, fabric, paper …) I wanted to design home made coil. By researching interesting ideas and designs I run into optimize coil design made by Plusea. My design approach for workshop was […]

workshop A Kit-of-No-Parts

photo 4

I took apart a small speaker.  It is made of a magnet ring, a metallic part (in the middle of the ring), a plastic holder, plastic membrane and a copper wire as a coil. Copper wire (profile: 0,1 mm) is 140 cm long and at least 50 times curled to form the coil. The coil […]

Textile pressure sensor


Pressure sensor is made like a bend sensor with a conductive thread, velostat, conductive fabric and non-conductive material.   Structure of pressure sensor (click for bigger picture)   Parts of the sensor: – Conductive thread : to connect threads in the circuit – Non-conductive material (neoprene) : to give the sensor structure – Velostat : […]